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Professional Organizers & Productivity Consultants

Reality television shows such as Clean Sweep, Hoarders, and Extreme Makeover portray varying levels of disorganization and a crew of professional organizers that transform these spaces within just an hours time, but is it truly as easy as they make it look on TV?

The answer: Not exactly. Getting organized takes time. There is more to the decision making process then simply deciding what items to toss into the classic three box set up labeled “keep,” “trash,” and “donate.” Getting organized means developing systems to Stay Organized. Furthermore, as you begin the organizing process you will surely find that there are many more projects that you would like to tackle. A professional organizer can keep you on track, offer recommendations, ease the anxiety of letting go, and help those that are too busy, too tired, or too overwhelmed to go at it alone. While a professional organizer may not be able to complete your project in just under an hour, they will definitely become an invaluable source, just as other professional service providers that help in other areas of your life such as your accountant, personal trainer, and real estate agent.

What is a Professional Organizer?

The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) defines the role as follows:

A professional organizer supports evaluation, decision-making, and action around objects, space, and data; helping clients achieve desired outcomes regarding function, order, and clarity. An organizer enhances the lives of their clients by designing systems using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills onto their clients.

Whether you are looking to revamp your wardrobe or manage a cross-country move, a professional organizer can help you reach your goals faster and with less stress. Professional organizers are an integral part of estate planning, relocating, remodeling, downsizing, and decluttering. They also have the resources to provide recommendations for painters, moving companies, shredders, consignment options, photo scanning, contractors, handymen, and more.

What is a Productivity Consultant?

A Productivity Consultant supports evaluation, decision-making, and action around time, energy, and resources; helping clients achieve desired outcomes regarding goals, effectiveness, and priorities.

Most business owners today understand the importance of getting the most from their employees, and motivating them to produce their best work. Productivity is directly linked to profitability. Savvy businesses today are hiring productivity consultants to help them find innovative ways to achieve more, create successful work flow environments, improve paper and digital filing systems, and coach employees on time management. Productivity consultants can act as a middleman between company executives and employees to unearth what will truly lead to a more positive and profitable workplace for both parties.

Productivity consultants not only work with large Fortune 100 companies, but also help small business owners as well. Managing a home office can sometimes be more difficult due to the higher incident of personal distractions that can arise. From young children to a playful puppy, the possibility of getting side tracked is endless. Furthermore, home offices frequently have less space to work with and the need for space saving and organizational tools are even greater. Working with a productivity consultant will help a small business grow with a customized plan of action and specific tasks for success.

Sharon Reaves