Frequently Asked Questions


Nothing. Often clients try to “tidy up” before our consultation, but we ask that they resist the urge to do this. By having the chance to see the untouched space, we are better able to understand how you live and work and where the inefficiencies lie. We cannot fix what isn’t working, if we can’t see it first.


Will you make me get rid of all my stuff?

Absolutely not. Working with an organizer may mean investigating attachments we may have with our belongings, which can be challenging for some, but never will we ask you to give away anything that you are not ready to release.


Will I ever be able to truly stay organized?

Yes! Of course. That is why we are here. We work together to create systems that work for your unique situation so that they can be maintained in the long run.


What is the difference between the services that a professional organizer provides and those of a housecleaning service?

There is a fundamental difference between cleaning and organizing. A space can be clean but not necessarily organized, and a space can be organized but not clean. A housecleaning service will use cleaning products to dust, disinfect, mop, or otherwise remove dirt and grim from surfaces. A professional organizing service does not complete these tasks, instead they organize. Organizing involves creating systems surrounding space, data, and time. A professional organizer works together with clients to reduce, arrange, and maintain these new systems. 


How do I know where to start?

We suggest starting with the project that causes you the most stress, and in turn will give you the greatest relief once it has been accomplished. Where we start is less important than just choosing to start in the first place. As we go, we can always adjust our plan of action and switch gears if needed.  


Is there a minimum amount of time I must commit to working with you?

While we do our best to accommodate each client’s unique schedule, we request that clients block out a minimum of 4 hours for each session. This allows us the time needed to make a meaningful impact on the project and accomplish your organizing goals.


How long will it take for me to get organized?

Project timelines vary dramatically from client to client. The time each project takes depends on factors such as: speed of decision making, the level of detail desired, the density of the clutter within the space, the type of things that we are working with (paper is a much slower process than pantry items), and the amount of input received from the client. The best way to get a feel for how long it will take is to schedule a complimentary consultation with your organizer.


Can you do this without me?

Yes. We can work together as a team, or independently while you are away. Some clients prefer to be intricately involved with every aspect of the organizing process, while others prefer to spend the day away while the magic happens. The only thing we ask is for a few minutes at the end of the session to go over our daily progress and reassess our goals for the next meeting, either virtually or in person.


How much will it cost? 

Getting organized is an investment, one that typically pays for itself after a few sessions. The true value is the time saved to spend on things that matter most to you. Often during organizing sessions we save clients money whether it’s eliminating late fees from improving a paper management system or literally uncovering cash stashed away and long forgotten. See our pricing.


How do you tailor your approach when working with young kids?

 We love working with young kids and teenagers. It is never too soon to start implementing good organizational habits. Often when working with young kids, we find that it is helpful to adapt our approach by making a “game” out of the session. When the process is made fun, it seems like less of a chore and the young ones quickly get onboard. Some even love the games so much that they play them long after the organizer leaves.


How do you tailor your approach when working with seniors?

Our senior client projects are some of our most rewarding experiences. The wisdom and stories that are shared during our senior client sessions inspire us. We also understand the unique challenges that may be present for this group and we cater to the special needs associated with physical aging, memory, and mobility. By accommodating shorter sessions or bringing in another team member to provide additional helping hands we are able to provide our seniors with exceptional customer care.


Are you insured?

Yes! We have comprehensive business insurance including workers comp and disability. Back To Baseline is an incorporated LLC, as well as licensed with the state.